Promasidor Unveils Onga Chicken Cube Seasoning to Elevate Culinary Delights

Promasidor, a leading provider of food products in Africa, has recently introduced its latest offering, the Onga Chicken Cube seasoning. This new product aims to revolutionize ordinary chicken dishes, turning them into extraordinary culinary experiences.

During the relaunch event held in Lagos, Adebola Williams, the Marketing Director of Promasidor, emphasized that the reimagining of the seasoning cube goes beyond just enhancing taste and aroma. It is a heartfelt tribute to mothers, children, and all food enthusiasts who cherish unforgettable flavor experiences.

Williams explained, “As Nigeria’s top seasoning brand, Onga recognizes the significance of taste in every meal. Our dedication to perfection knows no bounds, and with the reintroduction of Onga Chicken Cube, we are taking this commitment to new heights.”

Promasidor Nigeria’s Chief Executive Officer, Bruno Gruwez, emphasized that Onga Chicken Cube reflects the exceptional quality and unparalleled taste of the product. He also pointed out the brand’s popularity among distributors and customers.

Gruwez further stated, “At Promasidor, we celebrate the joy of cooking, the pleasure of savoring each bite, and the priceless moments shared around the dinner table. Our Onga Chicken Cube resonates with the essence of these moments, enhancing the flavor of every dish it touches.”

“For mothers,” Gruwez added, “it becomes a trusted ally in the kitchen, ensuring that every meal is a sensory delight for their children. For food enthusiasts, it serves as the secret ingredient that elevates their culinary creations from the ordinary to the extraordinary.”

With the introduction of Onga Chicken Cube, Promasidor continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing the culinary experiences of families and food lovers across Nigeria. This product is set to become an essential kitchen companion, elevating the flavors of a wide range of dishes, particularly chicken-based recipes.

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