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FirstBank’s Initiates Win Big Promo: Honoring and Celebrating our Loyal Customers

FirstBank, Nigeria’s premier financial institution, has launched the Win Big promo, a four-month celebration aimed at rewarding and delighting its valued customers. Running from October 23, 2023, to February 23, 2023, this exciting promo promises a total cash reward of ₦170,000,000.00 for both new and existing customers.

Monthly Rewards for 1,240 Lucky Customers

At the end of the four-month promo, 1,240 new and existing customers will be rewarded with ₦100,000 each. With 310 winners every month, the Win Big promo ensures a consistent flow of excitement for participants.

Dormant Account Reactivation: Airtime Bonanza

For customers reactivating dormant accounts, the Win Big promo offers a chance to win free airtime. Up to 40,000 customers stand the chance to receive monthly airtime rewards, with 10,000 customers selected each month.

Grand Finale: Millionaires Emergence

Six lucky customers will emerge as millionaires in the grand finale draw, each receiving ₦1,000,000. To qualify for this grand prize, customers must maintain a monthly deposit of ₦50,000 for four consecutive months or a minimum deposit of ₦200,000 for four months. Additionally, participants must transact a minimum of 5 times on any of the Bank’s digital channels: FirstMobile, LIT App, USSD, First Online, and Debit Card transactions.

Qualification Criteria for Monthly Draws

To qualify for the ₦100,000 monthly draw, customers need to deposit and maintain a minimum amount of ₦5,000 in their accounts monthly. Additionally, they must complete a minimum of 5 transactions on any of the Bank’s digital channels.

Reactivation for Rewards

Customers reactivating their accounts can also qualify for the monthly draw by depositing and maintaining a minimum amount of ₦5,000 monthly and completing a minimum of 5 transactions on any digital channel. Furthermore, they could become grand prize winners if they meet the specified criteria.

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Easy Steps to Open an Account or Reactivate

Opening a FirstBank account is a breeze – dial USSD code 8940# or visit the Bank’s website to follow the prompts. Reactivating dormant accounts is equally straightforward – dial USSD code 8947# and follow the instructions for Tier 1 reactivation. For Tier 2 and 3 account reactivation, visit any nearby FirstBank branch.

A Message from FirstBank Group

Ms. Folake Ani-Mumuney, Group Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications at FirstBank, expressed excitement about the promo, stating, “We are thrilled to launch this promo in appreciation of the patronage, trust, and loyalty our customers have shown us over the years.” She emphasized the bank’s commitment to enhancing the banking experience through various digital services.

Seize the Opportunity: A Season of Memorable Experiences

As the season unfolds, FirstBank invites customers, their friends, and families to actively participate in the Win Big promo. It’s not just a celebration of banking; it’s an opportunity for exciting, fun-filled, and memorable experiences. Seize the chance, participate actively, and make this season a memorable one!

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