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Adron Homes Unveils ‘Lemon Friday’: An Opportunity Like Never Before

Adron Homes and Properties, a leading player in the real estate sector, is set to revolutionize the concept of Black Friday with its unique initiative – Lemon Friday. This strategic move aims to provide both existing and new customers an unparalleled opportunity to acquire landed properties at significantly discounted rates across Nigeria.

Embracing the Spirit of Black Friday

In alignment with the global tradition of Black Friday Sales, where top brands offer substantial price reductions, Adron Homes is taking a step further by introducing Lemon Friday. The name pays homage to the distinctive lemon color associated with the company. The unveiling of this groundbreaking initiative occurred during an official press briefing at the company’s head office in Omole Phase 1, Lagos, on the 17th of November.

Massive Discounts and Irresistible Offers

At the launch event, the company’s representatives and sales team revealed the magnitude of discounts awaiting customers during Lemon Friday. Adron Homes is not just following a global trend; it’s setting a new standard by providing customers with unbelievable price slashes on a wide range of landed properties spread across Nigeria.


Lemon Friday: More Than Just Discounts

1. Affordability and Chance to Win Prizes

Adron Lemon Friday encourages customers to seize the opportunity to secure affordable landed properties while standing a chance to win enticing prizes. Prospective buyers can now acquire a plot of land with an initial payment as low as 30,000 Naira and get the chance to win a Bag of Rice and chicken – a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming Yuletide season.

2. Double Value for Money

Contrary to common perceptions, purchasing land during the Lemon Friday promo isn’t just about acquiring property. It represents a double value for the subscriber – both in terms of landed property and a range of valuable gifts. Adron Homes has a solid track record of delivering on promises, making this an opportunity with tangible benefits.

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A Plethora of Options to Choose From

Varied Payment Plans with Attractive Gifts

Adron Homes has designed diverse payment plans to cater to different financial capacities. Customers can choose from plans such as paying 60,000 Naira and receiving gifts like Rice, Oil, Electric Blender, Fan, and cooking pots. The options extend to higher amounts, each offering a unique set of prizes.

Massive Benefits for Different Budgets

From the pocket-friendly 200,000 Naira plan that qualifies subscribers for gifts like a standing fan, air fryer, live Goat, and a bag of rice, to the 1 Million Naira down payment that opens the door to winning a smart TV, a Live Goat, a Cow, an Air conditioner, a Bag of Rice, and more – Lemon Friday caters to a wide range of budgets.

Ensuring Transparency and Security

Customer-Centric Approach to Gift Selection

Adron Homes emphasizes transparency in the gift selection process. Customers have the right to choose the category of the gift they want, ensuring a personalized and customer-centric experience. The company even allows third parties to pick gifts on behalf of customers, provided they have proper authorization.

Secure Payment Methods

To ensure the security of financial transactions, Adron Homes advises customers to refrain from paying into any sales rep’s account. Payments should be made directly into the company’s account through bank transfer or bank cheque. This precautionary measure protects customers from potential fraudulent activities and enhances overall safety.

Lemon Friday: Extended Opportunities

While many Black Friday promotions are confined to a single day, Adron’s Lemon Friday breaks away from this tradition. The promo runs throughout the end of November until the first week of December, allowing both local and international customers to benefit from the substantial price reductions.

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Connect with Adron Homes

For more information or to explore the available options, interested individuals can visit any of Adron Homes’ offices nationwide. Additionally, customers can connect with the company through its official social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Further details can be found on the official website at

A Glimpse into Adron Homes’ Commitment

Apart from the Lemon Friday initiative, Adron Homes has established a reputation for conducting massive sales promotions, enabling tenants to realize their dreams of becoming landlords without breaking the bank. With flexible payment plans spanning 12-48 months, the company ensures that customers can make payments gradually, with land allocation confirmed upon payment confirmation.

Adron Homes’ estates boast modern infrastructure, including well-built roads, concrete pavements, recreational facilities, malls, top-notch street lighting, surveillance security cameras, and solid road networks. The company is committed to providing habitable and serene communities at affordable prices.

The Lemon Friday Opportunity

The stage is set, and the floor of opportunities is open for customers to capitalize on the Lemon Friday extravaganza. Subscribing to any of the plans solidifies the opportunity to transition from a tenant to a homeowner. Act swiftly and commence payments because, with Adron Homes, you are assured of a community built on serenity, peace, and tranquility at affordable prices.


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