Indomie Sweeps Awards at ADVAN Awards for Marketing Excellence, Demonstrating Brand Excellence and Consumer Recognition

Dufil Prima Foods Limited achieved outstanding recognition at the esteemed ADVAN Awards for Marketing Excellence (Africa) 2023, with their flagship brand Indomie winning across various categories. This prestigious ceremony celebrates and rewards exceptional creativity, impact, and excellence in brand marketing and activation, honoring both outstanding brands and marketing professionals.

Indomie’s Award-Winning Achievements

  • Consumer Choice Awards: Indomie’s popularity resonated with consumers, securing the coveted Consumer Choice Award based on public online voting.
  • Consumer Promo of the Year: The “Indomie Golden Magnet Promo” captivated audiences, earning Indomie the Consumer Promo of the Year title.
  • Digital Campaign of the Year: The “Show some love Mother’s Day Campaign” resonated deeply, earning Indomie the prestigious Digital Campaign of the Year award.
  • Second Place Awards: Indomie’s “Indomie Flavor Fest campaign” garnered second place in the Experiential Campaign of the Year category, showcasing the brand’s engaging activations. Additionally, Indomie secured second place for Brand of the Year, further emphasizing its widespread popularity.
  • Future Leader of Marketing of the Year: Rahmotallahi Adeniyi, Indomie’s Digital Marketing Manager, was recognized for his outstanding contributions, winning the Future Leader of Marketing of the Year award in the Junior Manager category.
  • Additional Recognition: Gift Uche-Ewule, Assistant Brand Manager for Indomie, secured third place in the Future Leader of Marketing of the Year (Junior Manager) category, further highlighting the company’s talent development. Dufil Prima Foods also received two additional accolades: “Industry Builder Award” for CMO Manpreet Singh and “Best Marketing Team of the Year,” acknowledging the collective effort and success of the team.
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Dufil Prima Foods’ Commitment to Excellence

Tope Ashiwaju, Group Corporate Communications and Event Manager for Dufil Prima Foods, expressed gratitude for the awards, highlighting the company’s unwavering commitment to creating value and prioritizing excellence. He emphasized their dedication to innovative marketing strategies and leveraging consumer passion points to ensure measurable success for their brands. He acknowledged the awards as a testament to the team’s exceptional work, quality, and productivity.

The Heartfelt Impact of the “Show Some Love Mother’s Day Campaign”

Ashiwaju added that the “Show Some Love Mother’s Day Campaign” resonated with audiences due to its emotional portrayal of mothers’ unconditional love and how Indomie seamlessly integrates into family life. He reiterated their commitment to exceeding expectations and bringing further innovation to the production, brand communication, and marketing of their brands.

ADVAN’s Recognition of Marketing Excellence

Osamede Uwubanmwen, President of ADVAN, affirmed the organization’s dedication to evolving the ADVAN Awards in response to the ever-changing marketing landscape. This reflects their increasing appreciation for marketing’s critical role as a driving force of value creation for businesses.

ADVAN, a non-profit organization, serves as the umbrella association for all advertisers in Nigeria. They provide a platform for advertisers to express their views and influence positive changes within the Nigerian marketing communications scene

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