Tetra Pak’s ‘Better with Carton’: A Sustainable Revolution in Food Packaging

In 2023, Tetra Pak, a global leader in food and beverage processing and packaging, embarked on a transformative initiative named ‘Better with Carton.’ Going beyond conventional packaging strategies, this campaign represents a significant intellectual and ecological paradigm shift. Precious Ugwuzor explores how Tetra Pak is proactively enlightening children and stakeholders about the intrinsic ecological advantages of carton packaging.

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Children, being the leaders of tomorrow, play a crucial role in building a better, safer, and healthier world. Recognizing this, Tetra Pak’s ‘Better with Carton’ initiative aims to instill environmental awareness in children. During their growth periods, children encounter environmental chemicals that may impact their normal development. By educating them about these chemicals and environmental developments, we empower them to reduce the risk of poor health while enhancing their growth and quality of life.

Environmental education enables children to explore and engage in problem-solving, fostering critical and creative thinking skills. When children are encouraged to form their own opinions on environmental issues, they become more engaged with their communities. Tetra Pak believes that by providing the building blocks for eco-friendly and sustainable lives, they contribute to shaping a generation committed to environmental responsibility.

‘Better with Carton’ Campaign Highlights

The ‘Better with Carton’ campaign featured diverse activities, including trade activation, customer engagement, and media publicity. The campaign’s apex was the school activation program and advocacy, designed to reach over 4500 pupils in select schools across Lagos State. The program encompassed talks on the initiative, distribution of sketchbooks and coloring materials, a ‘Better with Carton’ pledge, and commitment wall signing by children. Tetra Pak went a step further by presenting furniture made from used beverage cartons to selected schools, emphasizing the concept of turning waste into new useful products.

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During the school visits, Tetra Pak’s Managing Director, Mr. Oshiokamele Aruna, conveyed a message of hope and faith in the future. He underscored Tetra Pak’s commitment to safe food packaging, with safety and health being guiding principles for the company. The ‘protects what’s good’ slogan and the ‘Better with Carton’ campaign reflect Tetra Pak’s dedication to an intellectual and ecological shift, enlightening children and stakeholders about the ecological advantages of carton packaging.

Lara Ikemefuna, Tetra Pak’s Marketing Manager, highlighted the success of trade market activations as the launchpad for extending sustainability knowledge to children. The ‘Better with Carton’ initiative serves as the catalyst for educating the younger generation about food safety and the environment. It aims to instill an early understanding of why carton packaging is superior compared to other alternatives.

Looking Beyond Tetra Pak Products

Preventive Measures for Environmental Friendliness

‘Better with Carton’ goes beyond promoting Tetra Pak products; it is about creating awareness and peering into a future where product packaging is environmentally friendly. The initiative aligns with the preventive measures principle, emphasizing the importance of young people and responsible organizations like Tetra Pak joining forces to save our universe and unborn generations.

Motivating Children for Sustainable Action

Stella Ondimu, Tetra Pak’s Head of Communication, West Africa, emphasized the campaign’s aim to motivate children to take decisive action for the environment sustainably. Recognizing that health, food safety, and the planet are critical for sustainability, Tetra Pak seeks to harness the strengths of children in making informed choices. Carton packaging emerges as a sustainable solution, being bio-based, recyclable, and reusable.

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Conclusion: Building a Greener Tomorrow

As Tetra Pak’s ‘Better with Carton’ initiative continues to make waves, the campaign serves as a beacon for building a greener tomorrow. The company’s commitment to sustainability, environmental education, and empowering the younger generation positions Tetra Pak as a catalyst for positive change. The ‘Better with Carton’ initiative is not just about today’s products but envisions a future where eco-friendly choices are the norm.

For more information on Tetra Pak and the ‘Better with Carton’ initiative, visit the official Tetra Pak website or follow them on Twitter for updates. Join the journey towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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