FEDAN Launches ‘FIL to the World’ Campaign

In a bid to infuse joy into the festive season and counter the challenges posed by the current economic landscape, FEDAN Investment Limited, a Lagos-based mobile phone accessories company, has rolled out its Yuletide season campaign – ‘FIL to the World.’ This initiative aims to bring smiles to the faces of Nigerians by introducing the latest technologies in mobile phone accessories, electrical lighting, and security gadgets.

Mr. Stephen Amaechi Chinemelum, the CEO and Managing Director of FEDAN, shared insights into the motive behind the campaign. He highlighted that ‘FIL to the World’ is not just a festive gesture but also part of the company’s strategic plan as it approaches its 30th anniversary in 2024. Chinemelum expressed the vision of FEDAN to evolve into a leading global mobile phone accessories organization, renowned for innovative products that enhance daily living.

FEDAN’s Journey: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Chinemelum emphasized that FEDAN Investment Limited is not in competition with others but is driven by a commitment to offer quality products at affordable prices. The motto, “Think Quality, Think FIL,” echoes the company’s dedication to delivering excellence. Established in 1994, FEDAN has been a consistent provider of quality products in electrical fittings, security gadgets, and mobile telephone accessories. As it approaches its 30th anniversary, the company remains steadfast in its goal of providing value to its customers.

Since the advent of mobile telephony in Nigeria in 2000, FEDAN Investment Limited, with its FIL range of products, has maintained a prominent position in the multi-billion mobile telephone accessories industry. The company has played a pivotal role in shaping the industry and contributing to its growth.

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Strategic Repositioning: Marketing Insights from Tova African Media

Tova African Media, FEDAN’s Marketing Communications Consultant and CEO, Mr. Tosin Bakare, shed light on the innovative campaign as part of the company’s strategic efforts to reposition itself in anticipation of its 30th anniversary. Bakare emphasized that FIL is set to reclaim its standing as a leading mobile telephone accessories brand, both nationally and internationally.

Bakare pointed out the immense potential within Nigeria’s mobile telephone accessories market, driven by a population exceeding 200 million. With the proliferation of smartphones and a tech-savvy youth population, Nigeria stands as one of the largest markets globally. Quoting 6Wresearch, Bakare anticipates that “The Nigeria Mobile Phone Accessories Market size is estimated to gain traction between 2024-2029.”

Conclusion: FEDAN’s Vision for a Joyful and Connected Nigeria

In conclusion, FEDAN Investment Limited’s ‘FIL to the World’ campaign not only signifies a festive gesture but also underscores the company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. As the campaign unfolds, FEDAN envisions a future where its products bring joy, comfort, and convenience to consumers, solidifying its position as a key player in Nigeria’s dynamic mobile accessories landscape.


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