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Nigeria Limits Date of Birth Changes to Streamline Identity Management

Imagine celebrating your birthday, only to realize the date on your official documents doesn’t match the one you’ve always known. For many Nigerians, this has been a reality—until now. In a move to streamline identity management, Nigeria’s National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has introduced new guidelines that allow citizens to change their date of birth (DoB) just once.

This change comes amidst the upgrade of the country’s birth registration system, raising questions about its impact and the stories behind the numbers.


Navigating the New Path: Steps for DoB Changes

Under the new guidelines, Nigerians seeking a DoB change must now:

  1. Pen a Letter to the NIMC’s Director General and CEO
  2. Present a Certificate of Registration to the eCRVS

The eCRVS, or electronic Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System, is operated by the National Population Commission (NPC) and serves as a secure digital backbone for birth and death registrations.

Public Response: Hopes and Concerns

While the new policy aims to enhance accuracy and efficiency, public reactions have been mixed. Some citizens like Aisha are hopeful that it will lead to smoother processes and a reduction in errors. Others, however, have expressed concerns about potential delays and the possibility of increased bureaucratic hurdles.

NIMC’s Commitment to Transparency

Addressing these concerns, NIMC Director General Abisoye Coker-Odusote has pledged to tackle any unethical practices within the commission. She’s also made significant strides in clearing a backlog of 2.5 million NIN modifications, demonstrating a dedication to efficiency.

Digital Transformation: Nigeria’s CRVS Goes Digital

The new DoB change policy unfolds amidst a broader digital transformation within Nigeria’s identity management landscape. In November 2023, the nation launched its digital CRVS platform, a pivotal step towards expediting birth and death registrations.

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NPC Chairman Nasir Kwarra underscores the government’s commitment to this digital shift, highlighting its pledge at the 2022 African Ministers Conference.

Data Discrepancies: Tackling Challenges, Forging Solutions

As Nigeria embarks on this transformative journey, challenges remain. Premium Times reports that many citizens are facing difficulties with passport applications or renewals due to discrepancies between NIMC data and information held by other agencies.

Bridging the Gap: A Collaborative Effort

Addressing these data inconsistencies will require a collaborative effort between NIMC, NPC, and other relevant bodies. By working together to ensure data accuracy and interoperability, they can pave the way for a more seamless and secure identity management system for all Nigerians—one that empowers individuals like Aisha to confidently navigate their personal journeys with accuracy and ease.

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