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Revolutionizing Health Insurance: 9mobile Unveils SureCare in Collaboration with PlugInsure and Axa Mansard

In a groundbreaking partnership, 9mobile has teamed up with PlugInsure and Axa Mansard to introduce SureCare, an innovative health insurance product tailored for Nigerians. This initiative marks a significant step towards providing accessible, affordable, and comprehensive health coverage, starting at just N100 per month.

SureCare redefines the health insurance landscape by offering an unprecedented approach to health coverage. The collaboration between 9mobile, PlugInsure, and Axa Mansard aims to address the challenges highlighted by research conducted by the Enhancing Financial Innovation and Access (EFIna) organization. The research underscored the stagnant state of Nigeria’s insurance penetration, standing at a mere 2%.

Kenechukwu Okonkwo, the Director of Products Innovation and Business Development at 9mobile, emphasized the significance of the partnership in response to EFIna’s research findings. He stated that SureCare is a pocket-friendly health insurance service designed to unequivocally guarantee health coverage to 9mobile’s extensive customer base.


Sure Care SM 2

Easy Access through Short Code

SureCare ensures convenience by being accessible through the short code *1019#. This user-friendly approach aligns with the commitment to providing unparalleled benefits to customers through a range of insurance plans tailored to their specific needs.

The Impact of SureCare

The launch of SureCare represents a transformative moment in the health insurance sector. By making health coverage accessible to a broader demographic and addressing affordability concerns, this initiative is poised to make a significant impact. As Nigeria faces the challenge of low insurance penetration, SureCare stands as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity.

In conclusion, 9mobile, in collaboration with PlugInsure and Axa Mansard, has set a new standard in the health insurance landscape with the introduction of SureCare. This product exemplifies a commitment to the well-being of Nigerians by offering a revolutionary and affordable health insurance solution.

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