Google Fi Supercharges Pixel Watch 2 LTE with 2 Years Free Data: Power Up Your Wrist, Stay Connected

Google is once again sweetening the pot for Pixel Watch 2 buyers with a generous two-year free Google Fi data plan. This offer, mirroring a similar one for the original Pixel Watch, is designed to unleash the full potential of your smartwatch, letting you stay connected without relying on your phone.

Unleash Your Pixel Watch 2’s Independence

Say goodbye to tethering your smartwatch to your phone for basic tasks like messaging, navigation, and music streaming. The Pixel Watch 2 with LTE lets you do it all on its own, thanks to its built-in cellular connectivity. And with Google’s two-year free data offer, you can enjoy 250MB of data per month at 4G speeds, perfect for staying in touch, finding your way around, and jamming out to your tunes on the go.

Not Just for Fi Users

While the offer is hosted by Google Fi, the beauty lies in its compatibility with any US carrier. This means you can enjoy the benefits of standalone smartwatch functionality, with Google Messages cloud relay seamlessly handling your texts over LTE, using your existing phone number. No need to switch carriers or even have a Google Fi account! Just keep in mind that calls are not included in the offer.

Claiming Your Free Data

Activating your two-year freebie is a breeze. Simply follow the instructions in the email you’ll receive from Google Fi Wireless after purchasing your Pixel Watch 2 with LTE. Remember, you have 60 days from the product’s shipment date to activate the offer, so don’t let it slip away! This exclusive deal is valid until January 31, 2024, so act fast.

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Make the Switch to the Pixel Watch 2 Even Sweeter

To sweeten the deal even further, the Google Store is offering trade-in values of up to $110 for both the Pixel Watch 2 and the original Pixel Watch. This makes upgrading to the latest and greatest smartwatch even more tempting, allowing you to recoup some cash while enjoying the cutting-edge features of the Pixel Watch 2.

Ready to ditch your phone dependence and embrace the freedom of a truly standalone smartwatch? Grab your Pixel Watch 2 with LTE today and unlock two years of free Google Fi data!

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