Showmax Unveils Spectacular February Upgrade Launch

As the curtain rises on February 2024, Showmax, the premier African streaming service, is set to dazzle audiences with a monumental relaunch, featuring a revamped appearance, a new application, and an entirely reimagined product suite. This grand unveiling follows the strategic collaboration between MultiChoice and global media powerhouse Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Sky, announced last year, promising an unparalleled streaming experience.

A Bounty of Originals: 21 Showmax Originals, 4 African Countries

Showmax is poised to captivate audiences with a record-breaking 21 Showmax Originals originating from four African countries. An extensive lineup includes adaptations of bestsellers, such as Angela Makholwa’s “Red Ink” and the international co-production “Catch Me A Killer,” based on the memoir of South Africa’s first serial killer profiler, Micki Pistorius. Reality TV enthusiasts will revel in a plethora of options, including “Widows Unveiled,” “Sadau Sisters,” “Chocolate Kings,” “What Will People Say?,” and returning hits like “The Mommy Club” and “The Real Housewives of Durban.”

Cinematic Treats: Valentine’s Day Releases and Global Blockbusters

For cinephiles, Showmax is unwrapping four Valentine’s Day films, namely “Forever Yena,” “Intlawulo,” “Matilda en Matthys” from South Africa, and “The Counsellor” from Nigeria. The collaboration with Comcast ensures a continuous influx of global hits, with highlights including “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning,” “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse,” and the second season of “Halo.” Showmax is set to become a hub for award-winning shows like “House of the Dragon” and “The Last of Us.”

Technological Advancements: HD Streaming and Dolby 5.1

The migration of Showmax onto the global Peacock streaming platform brings forth technological advancements, including HD streaming with Dolby 5.1 surround sound. This positions Showmax as a formidable player in the global streaming arena, backed by the robust capabilities of the Peacock platform.

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CEO’s Vision: A Pivotal Year for Showmax

CEO Marc Jury expresses his excitement for 2024, labeling it a momentous year for Showmax. The content slate promises an abundance of world-class entertainment, a surge in African Originals, and the groundbreaking introduction of the first-ever mobile Premier League plan for Africa.

Showmax Premier League: An Unprecedented Experience

Showmax Premier League, a groundbreaking initiative, will provide individual mobile users in over 40 markets exclusive live access to every Premier League match, offering in-depth analyses, highlights, and a vast library of Premier League content. Powered by SuperSport, this plan can be bundled with the Showmax Entertainment plans.

Three Plans, Countless Possibilities

The new Showmax will feature three distinct plans:

  1. Showmax Entertainment
  2. Showmax Entertainment Mobile
  3. Showmax Premier League Mobile

Pricing details and launch dates for these plans will be unveiled soon, promising a spectrum of entertainment choices for diverse audiences across the continent.

For more updates and a sneak peek, visit Showmax’s Official Website, and follow their journey on Twitter and Facebook.

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