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Ensuring Safety: A Guide on How to Request Fire Service in Lagos, Fire Stations and Contacts

In the bustling city of Lagos, where life moves at a rapid pace, ensuring the safety of residents is of paramount importance. Fire emergencies can happen unexpectedly, and knowing how to swiftly request fire service is crucial. This comprehensive guide outlines the steps to request fire service in Lagos, providing essential information on fire service stations, their contacts, and valuable tips for handling fire emergencies effectively.

Understanding the Importance of Quick Action

Fires can escalate rapidly, and timely intervention is critical to minimizing damage and saving lives. Knowing how to request fire service promptly is a skill that can make a significant difference in emergency situations. Lagos, being a densely populated city, has a network of fire service stations strategically located to respond swiftly to incidents across the metropolis.

Fire Service Stations in Lagos: Contacts and Locations

1. Lagos State Fire Service

  • Contact: 767 or 112
  • Location: Alausa, Ikeja

2. Federal Fire Service

  • Contact: 0803 492 6117
  • Location: Broad Street, Lagos Island

3. Ikorodu Fire Service Station

  • Contact: 0802 350 5952
  • Location: Ikorodu

4. Badagry Fire Service Station

  • Contact: 0802 389 5703
  • Location: Badagry

5. Apapa Fire Service Station

  • Contact: 0802 353 2342
  • Location: Apapa

6. Victoria Island Fire Service Station

  • Contact: 0802 319 2442
  • Location: Victoria Island

7. Surulere Fire Service Station

  • Contact: 0802 315 6972
  • Location: Surulere

How to Request Fire Service in Lagos

1. Dial the Emergency Numbers: 767 or 112

In the event of a fire emergency, dialing the emergency numbers ensures a swift response from the Lagos State Fire Service. Ensure to provide clear and concise information about the location and nature of the emergency.

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2. Contact Specific Fire Stations

Depending on your location in Lagos, you can directly contact the nearest fire service station. Refer to the list above for station-specific contact details.

3. Utilize Alternative Contact Numbers

In case of difficulty reaching the emergency numbers, you can use alternative contact numbers provided by specific fire service stations.

Tips and Recommendations for Fire Emergencies

1. Remain Calm and Alert

In the event of a fire, staying calm is crucial. Alert others in the vicinity and evacuate the premises safely.

2. Use Fire Extinguishers if Safe

If the fire is small and manageable, attempt to use a fire extinguisher. However, safety should be the top priority.

3. Evacuate to Safety

If the fire is spreading rapidly or poses a significant threat, prioritize evacuation. Follow established evacuation procedures and exit the building safely.

4. Avoid Elevators

During a fire emergency, elevators should not be used. Use stairwells and exits for evacuation.

5. Seek Medical Attention if Necessary

In case of injuries or smoke inhalation, seek medical attention promptly. Emergency medical services can be contacted alongside fire services.

6. Preventive Measures

Practice fire safety measures in daily life, such as proper storage of flammable materials, regular checks of electrical appliances, and having functional smoke detectors.


Being prepared for fire emergencies is a responsibility shared by both residents and the emergency services. Knowing how to request fire service in Lagos and following essential safety tips can contribute to a safer living environment for everyone. The fire service stations in Lagos, equipped with dedicated professionals and modern firefighting equipment, play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of the community.

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Remember, in the face of a fire emergency, quick and informed action can save lives and property. Stay vigilant, stay safe.

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