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Konga’s Apple Extravaganza: Authentic Tech Delivered to Your Doorstep

In an exciting new collaboration between Nigeria’s leading e-commerce giant, Konga, and the tech behemoth Apple, consumers in Nigeria can now easily purchase original Apple mobile and computing devices online. The synergy between these two industry giants ensures that genuine Apple products, including the iPhone, Mac, iWatch, and an array of accessories, are just a click away on the Konga online store.

Konga, a pioneer in the e-commerce industry with a rich history spanning twelve years, is setting a new standard by providing authentic products to its vast customer base. The alliance with Apple not only broadens Konga’s product offerings but also underscores its commitment to delivering transparency and quality to every shopper.

A Testament to Authenticity

Nnamdi Ekeh, the Chief Executive Officer of Konga, expressed the company’s dedication to promoting genuine goods and services across Nigeria. The newly launched Apple store on Konga’s platform serves as a conduit for connecting over 1 million customers to trusted international brands. The move reflects Konga’s vision of consistently developing the African market by offering top-notch products directly sourced from manufacturers.

With the Apple store now live on Konga, customers can explore a plethora of amazing offers. Every purchase from the Apple store comes with an unbeatable 2-year warranty on Apple devices, free screen and liquid insurance cover, and a complimentary N500 airtime with each device. Konga aims to enhance the shopping experience, providing not just products but peace of mind and confidence in the quality of every purchase.

Customer Testimonials Speak Volumes

Customers who have recently acquired Apple devices from Konga’s official store have expressed profound satisfaction with the quality of service and swift delivery. Ayomide Gboluwade, in a testimonial, shared his positive experience, stating, “The quality of the packaging and the phone is so excellent; everybody can see it is directly from Apple. I am so happy I bought from Konga and I encourage everybody to also visit their Apple store for their original phones, laptops, and accessories.”

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Save the Date: Konga’s Apple Brand Day

Mark your calendars for January 15, 2024, as Konga officially launches a brand day for Apple. This event will be part of Konga’s nationwide online Jara clearance sale, featuring incredible deals and discounts for customers eager to embrace the Apple experience.

Don’t miss out on the extravaganza as Konga and Apple redefine the online shopping landscape in Nigeria, bringing authenticity, reliability, and unbeatable offers to tech enthusiasts across the nation.

Visit Konga for a seamless Apple shopping experience.


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