NCC Rescinds Decision to Restrict Glo Subscribers from Calling MTN Lines

In an unexpected turn of events, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has decided to backtrack on its initial plan to bar Glo subscribers from calling MTN lines. This sudden change comes with a grace period of 21 days, offering a temporary reprieve to affected subscribers.

Agreement Reached to Resolve Pending Issues

Mr. Reuben Mouka, the Director of Public Affairs at NCC, revealed that both telecom giants, Glo and MTN, have reached an agreement to address and resolve all lingering issues between them. This decision comes in light of the potential impact on consumers, emphasizing the need for an amicable resolution.

Truce Announcement by NCC

In a statement released by the NCC on Thursday, it stated, “We are deeply conscious of the potential impact of the decision on consumers, hence the truce between both telecom giants. The commission is pleased to announce that the parties have now reached an agreement to resolve all outstanding issues between them.”

As a result of this agreement, the NCC has exercised its regulatory powers to put the phased disconnection on hold for a period of 21 days, starting from January 17, 2024.

The Commission, in granting this approval, underscored its awareness of the potential impacts on consumers. It reiterated its commitment to engaging both parties to facilitate a resolution that prioritizes and protects consumer interests, ensuring the seamless operation of the national telecoms network.

The statement further emphasized the expectation for MTN and Glo to resolve all outstanding issues within the specified 21-day period. Additionally, the NCC insisted that interconnect debts must be settled by all operating companies as an essential component towards compliance with the regulatory obligations of licensees.

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Glo-MTN Dispute Background

This development follows the earlier disclosure on January 8, where the NCC announced the impending disconnection of Globacom from MTN Nigeria Communications Plc. The reason cited was the non-settlement of interconnect charges by Globacom.

Globacom had been notified of the application made by MTN and given the opportunity to comment and present its case. After examining the application and the circumstances surrounding the indebtedness, the NCC determined that Globacom lacked sufficient or justifiable reasons for non-payment of the interconnect charges.

With the temporary halt in the disconnection plan, subscribers of Glo can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for the next 21 days. The resolution of pending issues between Glo and MTN remains a focal point, reflecting the NCC’s commitment to ensuring a fair and consumer-friendly telecommunications environment.

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