AltSchool Africa Revolutionizes Tech Education in Kenya: Fast-Tracking Skills for Global Opportunities

In a groundbreaking move, AltSchool, a Nigerian Edtech startup founded in 2021, has officially launched in Kenya, marking its expansion into the East African region. This strategic move aims to provide Kenyan learners with courses designed to accelerate their entry into coveted global tech roles.

AltSchool, with its vision set on empowering 10 million Africans with in-demand skills by 2030, is making significant strides in Kenya. Led by Tabitha Kayvu, the country manager, AltSchool Africa focuses on offering comprehensive courses that go beyond traditional software engineering. The startup’s success in Nigeria, where it stands as the second-biggest market, has propelled its expansion into Kenya.

Diverse Courses for a Dynamic Future

Initially offering one-year diploma courses in software engineering, AltSchool Africa has evolved to include a diverse array of courses such as data engineering, sales, fintech product management, and digital marketing. With five distinct schools covering Data, Engineering, Business, Product, and Creative Economy, AltSchool is pioneering a future where African learners are equipped with versatile skills for meaningful employment and contribution to the continent’s economic development.

Strategic Initiatives in Kenya

Nifemi Akinwamide, Head of Growth and Partnerships at AltSchool, affirmed the startup’s engagement with Kenyan communities and organizations. Akinwamide’s focus on understanding employer expectations ensures that students not only complete their training but also seamlessly transition into relevant roles. AltSchool’s mission extends beyond its immediate impact, aiming to equip Africans across the globe with essential skills for opportunities in technology.

Global Success and Financial Backing

Since its inception in 2021, AltSchool has experienced remarkable success, securing $3 million in funding in May 2023 and an additional $1 million in pre-seed funding earlier the same year. The startup’s influence extends beyond Africa, with a presence in the United States and Rwanda, attracting learners from over 105 countries. With a staggering enrollment of over 60,000 learners across more than 100 countries, AltSchool is reshaping the landscape of tech education.

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Future Expansion Plans

AltSchool’s foray into Kenya aligns with its mission to impact African learners positively. The startup’s plans extend beyond Kenya, with intentions to launch in other African countries where it has identified substantial traction. The commitment to providing learners with practical skills that translate into real-world opportunities underscores AltSchool’s dedication to shaping the future of tech education in Africa.

Stay connected with AltSchool’s transformative journey by visiting their official website and following them on Twitter. AltSchool Africa’s expansion into Kenya is not just a regional development but a pivotal step in the broader context of reshaping tech education for a brighter African future.

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