ECOWAS Launches AfricDeezayn App: Fostering Creativity and Talent in West Africa

In a significant stride towards promoting innovation and creativity, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has officially unveiled the AfricDeezayn application. This digital tool aims to provide a virtual space for designers in West Africa to showcase their talent, interact as a community, and contribute to the region’s industrial development. Supported by Japan and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), AfricDeezayn is poised to empower the creative minds of West Africa.

Empowering West African Designers

The AfricDeezayn app is more than just a platform; it’s a catalyst for connecting and empowering designers in the ECOWAS region. The app is a creation of the ECOWAS Commission, a testament to its commitment to fostering technological innovation, job creation, and a conducive environment for economic and social progress.

Unveiling the Potential of AfricDeezayn

In a launch ceremony held in Abuja, the ECOWAS Commissioner for Economic Affairs and Agriculture, Mrs. Massandje Toure-Litse, highlighted the potential of AfricDeezayn. She emphasized that the digital tool would enable talented designers to contribute significantly to the industrial development of West Africa by stimulating innovation.

The collaboration between ECOWAS, WIPO, and the support from Japan underscores the collective effort to harness the creative spirit of West Africa. The AfricDeezayn app is designed to serve as a hub for designers, connecting them with valuable resources, information on design laws, and a platform to showcase their creations for optimal online visibility.

A Bridge to the Design Ecosystem

Mr. Marcus Hopperger, Senior Director at WIPO, emphasized that AfricDeezayn acts as a bridge between organizations like WIPO and the key stakeholders in the design ecosystem. It opens avenues for effective communication, outreach, and education on design laws. The app serves as an educational hub, providing guides for navigating the process of applying for and registering designs to ensure their protection.

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The Japanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Matsunaga Kazuyoshi, expressed optimism about the opportunities that AfricDeezayn would unlock for designers in the ECOWAS region. He highlighted the app’s role in connecting designers with opportunities, funding, and businesses, fostering collaboration, and creating a robust design ecosystem.

Download AfricDeezayn: Ushering in a Creative Movement

Encouraging everyone to download AfricDeezayn on Google Play, Mr. Hopperger stated that the launch of the app is not merely about introducing a new tool but embracing the vast possibilities of virtual communication to serve the design stakeholders. It represents a movement where creativity is celebrated, protected, and empowered through accessible technologies.

As AfricDeezayn takes its place as the first platform dedicated to design-related information in West Africa, it promises to contribute significantly to the region’s efforts in technological innovation. The app’s role in connecting designers, promoting awareness, and facilitating the practice of design extends beyond the region, making it a pioneering initiative in the African continent.

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