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Unleashing Excitement: Opera Mini’s ‘Shake and Win’ Promo Sweeps Across Nigeria and 3 Other African Countries

In the wake of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), global web innovator Opera is set to captivate audiences with a new rendition of its crowd-favorite “Shake and Win” campaign. Running for four thrilling weeks in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, this edition boasts over 180,000 prizes and introduces exciting new avenues to claim rewards while engaging in a spirited rivalry.

Opera’s EVP Mobile, Jørgen Arnesen, emphasizes the inclusive nature of the ‘Shake and Win’ campaign, welcoming both new and existing users to participate. In his words, “AFCON is always an exciting time in the footballing calendar – the stadiums come alive with such tremendous atmosphere as teams from around Africa vie for glory. So we’re thrilled to bring our users, many of whom are avid football fans, even more fun throughout the tournament, with a chance to bring home fantastic prizes.”

How to Play: Shaking Up the Opera Mini Experience

Participants can access the ‘Shake and Win’ campaign page through a floating button on the Opera Mini browser’s start page. A simple shake of the phone can result in an immediate reward or a puzzle piece. Collecting six individual pieces and completing the puzzle makes players eligible for a range of prizes, including cash, MiniPay vouchers, and airtime.

This edition of Shake and Win introduces an extra layer of enjoyment. Participants can earn additional shakes by completing various missions, enhancing their chances of winning. Exploring different facets of the browser, such as leveraging the built-in Live Scores feature embedded within Opera Mini, grants players more shakes and, consequently, more opportunities to win.

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Opera Cup: Fanning the Flames of Competition

In the spirit of AFCON, Opera is fostering friendly competition through the inaugural Opera Cup. Users from different nations can compete against each other by successfully completing missions, earning points for their home nation. These points are tallied on a leaderboard, and the country with the highest points by the campaign’s conclusion secures the Opera Cup. The winning nation not only basks in glory but also enjoys an enhanced prize pool, presenting additional chances to claim rewards.

As Opera Mini’s ‘Shake and Win’ takes center stage, it promises an exhilarating blend of football fervor and interactive entertainment. Participants, both new and existing, are in for a treat as they shake their way to a plethora of prizes and contribute to their nation’s triumph in the Opera Cup.

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