Reduced Working Days for Lagos Civil Servants Amid Cost of Living Crisis

In response to the escalating cost of living crisis in Nigeria, Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announced significant measures aimed at alleviating the financial burden on residents. These measures include a reduction in the number of working days for public servants and the implementation of various initiatives to mitigate the impact of rising prices.

Adjusted Work Schedule

Governor Sanwo-Olu revealed plans to reduce the working days for civil servants, with lower-level employees expected to work three days a week, while those at levels 15-17 will work four days a week. This adjustment aims to strike a balance between maintaining productivity and providing relief to workers grappling with economic challenges.

Discounted Food Markets

To address the rising cost of food, the state government will establish Sunday Markets across 42 identified locations in Lagos. These markets will offer discounted prices on food items, allowing residents to purchase essentials at more affordable rates. However, there will be a limit of up to N25,000 per transaction to ensure equitable distribution.

Food Distribution Hubs

In addition to the Sunday Markets, the government is constructing four food hubs to facilitate the distribution of essential commodities. These hubs, coupled with existing facilities like the one at Idi-Oro in Mushin, will enhance access to affordable food supplies and help stabilize prices amid market fluctuations.

Reduced Transport Costs

To ease the financial burden on commuters, the state government will implement a 25% reduction in transport fares for the State Public Transport system, including BRT, Train, and Ferry services. This measure aims to make transportation more accessible and affordable for residents across Lagos.

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Healthcare Support

Recognizing the importance of accessible healthcare, Governor Sanwo-Olu announced free delivery services for pregnant residents in government-owned hospitals. This initiative aims to ensure safe and affordable maternity care for expectant mothers, including cesarean sections when necessary.

Pharmaceutical Rebates

To address the rising cost of drugs and pharmaceutical products, the state government will provide rebates on specific medications at government hospitals. This initiative seeks to make essential healthcare more affordable and accessible to residents in need of medical assistance.

Collaboration with Private Sector

Governor Sanwo-Olu urged the private sector to play a proactive role in supporting citizens during these challenging times. He called on businesses to explore opportunities for corporate social responsibility and replicate the solidarity demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The measures introduced by the Lagos State Government underscore its commitment to addressing the pressing socioeconomic challenges faced by residents. By implementing targeted interventions in areas such as employment, food security, transportation, and healthcare, the government aims to alleviate financial strain and improve the overall well-being of Lagosians.

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