Association of Table Waters Producers Highlights Rising Costs and Potential Price Increase

The Association of Table Waters Producers (ATWAP) has raised concerns about the escalating production costs of pure water, suggesting that consumers may soon see an increase in prices. Amidst challenges such as high diesel costs, power shortages, and soaring production expenses, manufacturers are grappling with the dilemma of maintaining affordability while ensuring quality.

Challenges Faced by Producers

During a press conference held on Tuesday, February 28 in Lagos, representatives from ATWAP shed light on the mounting challenges confronting water producers. They emphasized the impact of rising material costs on the overall production process, lamenting the current state of affairs in the country.

According to one spokesperson, the price of pure water, which currently stands at N50 per sachet, may surge to N100 per sachet due to the relentless increase in production expenses. The cost of essential materials, such as nylon used for packaging, has skyrocketed from N1,100 per kilogram to approximately N3,600/N3,700 for a 6-kilogram bundle. Moreover, the expenses associated with water treatment have also witnessed a significant surge, with prices spiking multiple times within a single week.

Impact on Affordability and Accessibility

The relentless surge in production costs has far-reaching implications for both producers and consumers alike. While water producers strive to maintain affordability, the financial burden imposed by rising expenses is taking a toll. Many producers find themselves shouldering the operational costs of pure water factories through personal funds or borrowed capital, as access to loans from financial institutions remains limited.

The inability of ordinary Nigerians to afford pure water raises concerns about accessibility to essential resources. The ATWAP underscores the importance of ensuring that pure water remains accessible to all citizens, advocating for price stability to prevent undue financial strain on consumers.

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Call for Understanding and Support

Amidst these challenges, the ATWAP appeals to the Nigerian populace for understanding and support. Recognizing the pivotal role of pure water in daily life, they emphasize the need for collective efforts to address the underlying issues driving production costs upwards. Additionally, they urge financial institutions to extend support to water producers, facilitating access to much-needed capital for operational sustainability.

In conclusion, the ATWAP reiterates its commitment to providing quality pure water to consumers while navigating the complex landscape of rising production expenses. With collaborative efforts and stakeholder support, they remain optimistic about overcoming the current challenges and ensuring the continued availability of affordable and accessible pure water across Nigeria.

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