Starlink Nigeria’s Hardware Price Reduction and Refund Offer

Starlink Nigeria has made significant moves in the Nigerian Internet Service Provider (ISP) market by reducing its hardware costs by 21%. This price cut sees Starlink’s hardware now available at a more affordable N299,500, down from its previous price of N378,000. However, the monthly subscription rate remains unchanged at N38,000 per month. Furthermore, Starlink is extending its generosity by offering a partial refund to Nigerian customers who have placed orders for the hardware within the last 30 days, with this discount offer expiring on November 15.

Despite the cost difference compared to local ISPs, Starlink, a company associated with Elon Musk, made its entry into Nigeria in January of this year and quickly piqued the interest of Nigerians seeking new service providers. The widespread accessibility of its satellite service is especially attractive to individuals in areas plagued by poor internet connectivity, prompting them to opt for Starlink.

Based on ISP data released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Starlink has already become one of the leading ISPs in Nigeria in terms of customer numbers. As of the end of June, Starlink Nigeria boasted a customer base of 6,756, surpassing many local ISPs that have operated in Nigeria for several years but still have fewer customers.

While Starlink formally announced its presence in Nigeria in January of this year, Nigerians had been pre-ordering its hardware since the previous year. The company initially quoted its prices in dollars, with the hardware priced at $600 and the subscription at $43. However, upon its official announcement, Starlink transitioned to using the naira. At that time, the hardware and monthly subscription costs were N268,584 and N19,260, respectively. This change was pegged to the official dollar exchange rate, which stood at around N450/$1. As the Naira’s value continued to fall, the prices of hardware and subscriptions subsequently rose to N378,000 and N38,000, respectively, affecting the cost for new customers.

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Furthermore, Starlink has revealed a strategic partnership with the e-commerce giant, Jumia Technologies AG, to drive sales of its services and expand broadband access across Africa. This partnership is set to launch in Nigeria initially, providing an exclusive sales and distribution channel for Starlink’s satellite terminals and kits in select African countries. Jumia’s role in this endeavor establishes the e-commerce platform as a significant player in the sector, offering a unique competitive edge and potentially strengthening its market share and influence within the region.

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