Guinness Nigeria PLC Inaugurates State-of-the-Art Eye Centre at LUTH

In a noteworthy commitment to community impact and healthcare excellence, Guinness Nigeria PLC has officially inaugurated the renovated Guinness Eye Centre at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba. The inauguration ceremony, held on Thursday, marks a significant step in the company’s mission to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which it operates.

Upholding Social Responsibility

Welcoming attendees to the inauguration, Mr. Adebayo Alli, the incoming Managing Director of Guinness Nigeria, underscored the company’s deep commitment to impacting communities. He emphasized how this commitment is embedded in their Environmental Social Governance Strategy – Society 2030: Spirit of Progress, a 10-year action plan aimed at creating a more inclusive and sustainable world. The renovated eye center aligns with the pillar of Inclusion and Diversity, reflecting the company’s dedication to fostering a better and more tolerant society.

A Vision for Eye Health

Recognizing the profound importance of eye health, Mr. Alli highlighted Guinness Nigeria’s relentless pursuit of supporting access to excellent and affordable healthcare in Nigeria. The eye center, built nearly 30 years ago, has seen substantial investment, with the latest renovation costing approximately 155 million NGN. Additionally, the company has consistently contributed a yearly equipment grant of 5 million NGN to support the facility’s operations.

Milestones in Eye Care

Dr. Omobola Johnson, Board Chair of Guinness Nigeria PLC, reflected on the Guinness Eye Centre’s journey since its construction, equipping, and donation to LUTH about three decades ago. The center has played a pivotal role in providing comprehensive ophthalmic care services, conducting an average of 650 eye surgeries annually and serving as a training center for medical and ophthalmic nursing students. It has also become an examination center for prestigious medical institutions.

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Dr. Johnson acknowledged the recent renovation efforts undertaken by Guinness Nigeria PLC, emphasizing the importance of sustaining and enhancing healthcare services. The extensive renovation included structural restoration, re-roofing, and various repairs to ensure the building’s integrity and the continuity of exceptional healthcare delivery. The commitment to a yearly equipment grant and consistent support underscores the long-standing partnership between Guinness Nigeria PLC and LUTH.

Financial Commitment to Excellence

Prof. Wasiu Adeyemo, Chief Medical Director of LUTH, acknowledged Guinness Nigeria PLC’s commitment to excellence in healthcare. The company’s financial support, spanning 28 years, includes an annual grant for equipment support and substantial sums for renovations. In 2023 alone, Guinness Nigeria PLC committed a total of 161,300,000 NGN to comprehensive renovations, further solidifying its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of practice at the Guinness Eye Centre.


Guinness Nigeria PLC’s inauguration of the renovated Guinness Eye Centre at LUTH signifies not only a commitment to healthcare excellence but also a testament to the enduring partnership between the company and the healthcare institution. The event reflects a broader narrative of corporate social responsibility and underscores the pivotal role businesses play in contributing to the well-being of society.

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