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Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital Unveils State-of-the-Art Facility

Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital, a leading medical institution in Nigeria, has marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its new cancer care facility in Lagos. Strategically located in the heart of Lekki, this cutting-edge hospital is poised to revolutionize cancer care by addressing the unique needs of patients and providing a comprehensive range of specialized oncology services.

Advancing Healthcare in Lagos

In a recent inauguration ceremony in Lagos, Kola Adesina, the Managing Director of Sahara Group, emphasized the commitment of Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital to advance cancer care not only in Nigeria but also beyond its borders. The hospital’s state-of-the-art facility is a testament to the continuous efforts to enhance healthcare services and make a positive impact on the lives of cancer patients.

A Vision for Cancer Care

Usman Aliyu, the Director General of the Nigeria Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (NICRAT), delivered a compelling lecture on ‘Closing the Cancer Gap.’ He stressed the importance of eliminating barriers to cancer care and commended Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital for its efforts in reducing the cost of breast cancer care through innovative services, including a dedicated cancer clinic.

Keynote Address: Transformative Cancer Care

In her keynote address, Dr. Omolola Salako, the Founder and Chief Medical Director of Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital, shared the hospital’s vision. She described the new facility as a specialized cancer centre with a mission to be the preferred choice for humane cancer care, aiming to be a formidable ally in the fight against cancer in Africa. The hospital’s dedication revolves around preventing, treating, curing, and providing palliative care for cancer patients while fostering calm, clarity, and hope in every interaction.

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Comprehensive Cancer Services

Dr. Salako outlined the hospital’s commitment to delivering comprehensive services centered on three key priorities: cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship. This patient-centric approach reflects the hospital’s mission to offer holistic care at every stage of the cancer journey.

Invitation for Collaborations

Babatunde Salako, a board member of Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital, extended an invitation for collaborations, partnerships, and referrals. Emphasizing the hospital’s dedication to comprehensive and accessible cancer care services, Salako highlighted the importance of collective efforts in the fight against cancer.

Unveiling Tranquility: Aesthetic and Healing Environment

As part of the hospital’s commitment to providing a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment for patients, the inauguration featured the unveiling of a vibrant mural by Director General Usman Aliyu. The artwork symbolizes the hospital’s ethos of being “At the heart of humane cancer care,” underscoring its dedication to creating a peaceful and comforting space for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

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