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Unveiling the School of Grant Success: Empowering MSMEs in Africa

Introduction: Bridging the Funding Gap for SMEs

In the dynamic landscape of global business, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) stand as pivotal contributors to economic development. However, despite their significant role, SMEs often grapple with the challenge of accessing essential funds for startup, operations, and growth. The School of Grant Success (SGS) emerges as a beacon of hope and knowledge, providing a transformative solution to empower entrepreneurs and organizations in Nigeria and beyond.

School of Grant Success (SGS): Empowering MSMEs since 2023

With a mission to train and support 1,000,000 MSMEs, youths, and organizations in applying for contracts and grants across Africa within the next decade (2024-2034), SGS steps forward as Africa’s premier school of proposals and grant writing. The brainchild of Mr. Edward Esene, an expert in SME and startup investment in Africa, SGS boasts over 10 years of impactful experience in the development and SME finance space in Nigeria.

Addressing Funding Challenges Head-On

SGS recognizes the hurdles faced by MSMEs, including lack of knowledge, poor documentation, absence of collateral, limited credit history, and governance issues. The School steps in as a strategic solution, offering comprehensive education and training to bridge these gaps and unlock funding opportunities.

Courses Offered at School of Grant Success

The courses at SGS cater to individuals at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re a budding startup or a seasoned business owner, SGS has tailored courses to enhance your proposal writing and funding-raising skills:

  • Grant Writing Course (SGS/GWC 100)
  • Grant Writing Advance (SGS/GWA 200)
  • Proposal Writing Course (SGS/PWC 100)
  • Presentation Skills Course (SGS/PSC 100)
  • Report Writing Course (SGS/RWC 100)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Course (SGS/MEC 100)
  • Impact Assessment Course (SGS/IAC 100)
  • Grant Disbursement & Management (SGS/GDM/ 100)
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A Faculty Rooted in Success

Led by industry experts with proven track records in funding and entrepreneurship, the School of Grant Success promises a dynamic learning environment. The faculty, grounded in SME and startup investment matters in Africa, brings forth enviable successes in helping businesses raise debt financing, equity, and grant funding.

Understanding the diverse needs of learners, SGS offers flexible schedules and online learning options, making this invaluable education accessible to a global audience. The commitment to staying abreast of industry trends ensures that students receive the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Applications Now Open for Transformative Learning

Applications for the training program are now open, and interested individuals are encouraged to secure their spot in this transformative learning experience. SGS runs four cohorts every year (February, May, August, and November), ensuring continuous opportunities for skill enhancement.

Connect with School of Grant Success

Stay updated and connected with SGS through their social media handles: @schoolofgrantsuccess. For inquiries and applications, call: +2347045108885 or contact

In the mission to empower MSMEs, SGS stands as a catalyst for change, unlocking the doors to funding possibilities and propelling businesses toward unprecedented success.


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