Revolutionizing African SMEs: MyShopLauncher Unveils Groundbreaking E-Commerce Platform

A new dawn has arrived for African Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) as MyShopLauncher (MSL) proudly unveils its revolutionary e-commerce platform, setting the stage for unparalleled support and empowerment.

In a landmark event, MyShopLauncher officially launched its e-commerce platform on Thursday, promising to reshape the landscape for startups and SMEs across Africa. According to Statista, the E-commerce market in Africa is poised for substantial growth, reaching an estimated 45.72 billion U.S. dollars by 2028, marking a 48.88 percent increase from 2024.

Established two years ago, MSL emerged from a profound understanding of the challenges faced by African merchants navigating the complexities of manual business management. The MSL team embarked on an empathetic journey, engaging in extensive conversations, surveys, and rigorous testing to address the unique needs of SMEs.

A Platform Rooted in Genuine Care

Beyond being a no-code e-commerce storefront, MSL is more than a platform; it is a caring community. The commitment extends beyond the realms of transactions to forge real bonds with business owners, providing not just tools for success but a genuine concern for their welfare and growth.

MSL’s Unique Selling Propositions (USPs): A Platform with Heart

  • No-Cost Storefront: MSL provides a no-code e-commerce storefront without any upfront charges, empowering merchants economically.
  • Customer Centricity: Going beyond transactions, MSL deeply understands and caters to the unique needs of each business owner.
  • Educational Support: MSL offers free access to educational resources and coaching to accelerate the growth and development of SMEs.
  • Real Connections: MSL fosters genuine connections, creating a community where business owners are valued partners on the path to success.
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A Platform Beyond Transactions: A Community of Care

In a world where commerce can often be transactional, MSL emerges as a platform with a heart. The launch of MSL invites entrepreneurs not just to experience a product but to join a community—a community that genuinely cares about their success.

“At MSL, we believe that the success of SMEs is not just about transactions; it’s about building relationships, understanding aspirations, and providing unwavering support. Our platform is not just a tool; it’s an extension of our commitment to the dreams and growth of African business owners.” — Akintunde Opawole, Head of Product of MyShopLauncher.

About MyShopLauncher (MSL): A Commitment to Empowerment

MyShopLauncher (MSL) is an innovative e-commerce platform committed to providing a no-cost, no-code storefront for small and medium-sized enterprises in Africa. MSL transcends the conventional by focusing on building real connections, offering educational resources, and providing unwavering support to empower business owners on their journey to success.

Visit MyShopLauncher to explore the platform and embark on a journey of empowerment.

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