Embracing Global Excellence: The Evolution of A&P Foods to Pladis Foods Nigeria

In a significant development for Nigeria’s biscuit industry, A&P Foods Limited, a leading player in the market, has undergone a transformative change. The company has rebranded itself as Pladis Foods Nigeria Limited, aligning its identity with Pladis, a prominent name in the global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector, boasting a portfolio of iconic snacking brands.

A New Name, A New Vision

The decision to transition to Pladis Foods Nigeria Limited marks a strategic move for the Nigerian arm of the business. By aligning with the Pladis corporate brand, the company aims to capitalize on Pladis’ global scale, expertise, and capabilities while continuing to serve the Nigerian market with beloved brands like McVitie’s and Haansbro.

Country General Manager, Abhishek Sharma, expressed enthusiasm about the alignment with the Pladis brand, emphasizing that while the name may change, the commitment to craftsmanship, excellence, and growth in Nigeria remains steadfast.

Driving Growth and Innovation

Pladis Foods Nigeria Limited is poised to leverage its new identity to drive growth and innovation in the Nigerian biscuit market. Marketing Director, Dr. Omotola Bamigbaiye-Elatuyi, highlighted the company’s focus on continuous innovation across product categories to meet evolving consumer preferences and market demands. The alignment with the Pladis name underscores the company’s ambition to build sustainable brands and create value for all stakeholders.

New Corporate Office Unveiled

In a move signaling its commitment to growth and expansion, Pladis Foods Nigeria has inaugurated a new corporate office in Ikeja GRA, Lagos. The launch of the office, officiated by Pladis executives from the Western Europe and Emerging Market (WEEM) regional team, signifies a new chapter for the company. The office is branded in alignment with the new Pladis Foods Nigeria entity, reflecting the company’s fresh identity and corporate culture.

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Regulatory Compliance and Transition

Chukwuemeka Ijei, Legal Director for Pladis Foods Nigeria, affirmed that all necessary regulatory obligations and registrations have been completed to formalize the transition to the new name, Pladis Foods Nigeria Limited. This transition not only streamlines operational procedures but also paves the way for building a stronger global brand and corporate culture rooted in excellence and innovation.

The transformation of A&P Foods into Pladis Foods Nigeria represents a landmark moment in Nigeria’s CPG industry. With a renewed focus on growth, innovation, and stakeholder value, Pladis Foods Nigeria is poised to redefine the country’s biscuit market landscape and set new standards of excellence.

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