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Clean Hygienics Introduces Adour Paris to the Nigerian Market

In a momentous stride towards elevating olfactory experiences, Clean Hygienics, a British-based fragrance company, has introduced the luxurious perfumed body spray, Adour Paris, to the Nigerian market. The Founder and CEO of Clean Hygienics Group Limited UK, Amin Kazi, expressed his exhilaration regarding the product’s debut in Nigeria.

The Essence of Adour Paris

Adour Paris emerges as a pinnacle of sophistication, boasting a composition that sets it apart. The alcohol used is exclusively derived from sugarcane, ensuring a level of refinement and superior quality unparalleled in the market. With a high concentration of captivating fragrances, Adour Paris proudly claims the title of the world’s number one long-lasting perfumed body spray.

This exquisite fragrance is not just a product; it’s a journey. Curated in the fragrance haven of France, formulated with precision in England, and finally, elegantly packaged at their state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Adour Paris embodies an international collaboration of artistry.

Amin Kazi emphasized the commitment to making Adour Paris accessible to the Nigerian audience. He revealed, “We are launching this product for the people of Nigeria, and that’s the reason we want them to get connected with the product. The fragrances are tried and tested. These fragrances are coming all from France, we formulate them in the UK, and we just made the price go a little lower for them to make it affordable, packaging them at a factory in Dubai.”

Adour Paris marks a new era in the realm of fragrances, symbolizing sophistication, quality, and an international fusion of craftsmanship. As Clean Hygienics brings this olfactory masterpiece to Nigeria, it not only introduces a product but an exquisite sensorial journey that promises to redefine the standards of luxury in the Nigerian fragrance market.

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