Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency Issues Warning on Unhygienic Practices in Plantain Chips Production

In recent social media posts, the Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA) has raised serious concerns regarding the production of fried plantains, commonly known as “plantain chips,” through unwholesome processes. The agency is cautioning residents against consuming these snacks due to potential health hazards associated with unsafe manufacturing practices.

Unveiling a Disturbing Revelation

A viral post circulating on social media exposed a shocking incident where a plantain chips vendor was observed incorporating polythene into the frying process. According to the post, the seller grated approximately five pieces of polythene and added them to the hot oil used in frying the plantain chips. The explanation given was that this practice supposedly enhances the firmness of the chips, preventing them from breaking easily.

The post narrated the observer’s disbelief, stating, “Out of shock, I asked why she had to melt that into the oil. She told me that it is done to harden the chips so it doesn’t break. Oh my God! I couldn’t believe my ears. She then went on to ask me if I have ever wondered why the ones they sell in traffic are always firm and hardly break. People, this is deadly.”

LASCOPA’s Swift Response

Responding promptly to the alarming revelation, LASCOPA issued a statement on Tuesday expressing deep concern about the potential health implications of such unscrupulous practices. The agency urged consumers to exercise caution and remain vigilant when purchasing plantain chips, emphasizing the importance of avoiding exposure to harmful substances and preventable food poisoning.

LASCOPA assured the public that it is actively investigating the discovery and is committed to taking appropriate actions to protect consumers. The agency aims to hold those responsible for the dangerous practice accountable for their actions. In light of this, the agency called on the public to report any unfriendly and unlawful practices among sellers of consumable items that could endanger the health of consumers.

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How to Stay Informed and Report Concerns

To facilitate the reporting process, LASCOPA provided contact information for concerned individuals. The agency can be reached at their main office located at No 2B, Soji Adepegba Close off Allen Avenue Ikeja, with additional Annex offices in Badagry Local Government Secretariat, Bariga LCDA, Ikorodu Local Government, and Ikoyi-Obalende LCDA. Individuals can also reach out via email at or, or through the following phone numbers: 08124993885, 09064323154, and 08092509777.

In conclusion, LASCOPA’s swift response to the viral post reflects its dedication to ensuring consumer safety and holding accountable those who compromise it. It serves as a reminder for consumers to remain vigilant about the products they purchase and to report any suspicious practices that may jeopardize public health.

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