NAFDAC Alert: Counterfeit Arla Dano 14g Full Cream Milk Powder in Nigeria

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has sounded an alarm regarding the circulation of counterfeit Arla Dano 14g Full Cream Milk Powder in various states across Nigeria.

Counterfeit Product Details

Following investigations by the TG Arla Dairy Product Enterprise, the Certificate of Registration holder, it was discovered that these fake products were openly displayed in the market.

NAFDAC has instructed its zonal directors and state coordinators to conduct surveillance and take measures to eliminate the counterfeit Arla Dano 14g Full Cream Milk Powder from circulation in states across Nigeria.

Distributors, retailers, and consumers are strongly cautioned by NAFDAC to be vigilant and avoid consuming, selling, or distributing any products suspected to be counterfeit.

It is recommended to perform authenticity and physical condition checks for all purchased products.

Individuals in possession of the counterfeit Arla Dano 14g Full Cream Milk Powder are advised to surrender their stock to the nearest NAFDAC office.

Furthermore, those who have consumed the product or experienced any adverse reactions are urged to seek immediate medical advice from qualified healthcare professionals.

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Reporting Suspicions

NAFDAC encourages the public to report any suspicion of the distribution and sale of counterfeit or unwholesome packaged food products to the nearest NAFDAC office. You can contact NAFDAC via call lines or use the provided email address.

Consumers are also urged to report adverse events or side effects related to the consumption of unwholesome packaged food products through various channels, including the E-reporting platforms available on the NAFDAC website or the Med-safety application.

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Website : NAFDAC Official Website


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