Nigeria’s Digital Revolution: DevsInGovernment Paves the Way for Enhanced Public Infrastructure

Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani, the Minister of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy, has launched DevsInGovernment, urging technologists and tech enthusiasts within Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) to champion Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). This initiative aims to elevate the Nigerian Civil Service into a world-class institution and enhance government services for citizens.

Dr. Tijani emphasized the pivotal role of technology in fostering a high-performing, efficient, and citizen-centric Civil Service. The Minister highlighted the government’s mandate to popularize DPI, promoting the use of technology to deliver government services effectively. Contrary to centralization, DPI focuses on creating an effective system and infrastructure for optimal delivery.

Limitless Opportunities with DPI

During the inaugural DevsInGovernment event, Dr. Tijani outlined the limitless opportunities embedded in DPI. Empowering civil servants to execute tasks more robustly, DPI becomes a catalyst for transforming services with good deliverables. The Minister emphasized that digitalization goes beyond e-Government or mere automation; it is the ability to use technology to bring about transformative services.

Sharing Ideas for a Better Nigeria

With over 400 participants at the event, Dr. Tijani expressed the purpose of DevsInGovernment: to foster idea-sharing that can positively impact Nigeria. He lauded the leadership’s deep understanding of technology’s power to transform the nation. The Minister pledged the Ministry’s commitment to empower technologists, drive collaboration, and promote knowledge sharing and innovation for a more efficient, transparent, and responsive government.

Monthly Conversations and Training

Dr. Tijani announced that discussions within DevsInGovernment will be held monthly, providing a continuous platform for knowledge exchange. The initiative will also include provisions for training sessions to enhance productivity among participants.

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Acknowledging Partners and Sponsors

The Minister thanked the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Galaxy Backbone (GBB) for co-sponsoring DevsInGovernment. He acknowledged the cooperation of sister agencies under the Ministry’s purview.

Enabling Environment for Development

Engr. Faruk Yusuf Yabo, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, emphasized the need for an enabling environment, regulatory frameworks, infrastructure, computing power, and skilled manpower for desired development. He underscored the critical role of idea-sharing in operationalizing DPI to improve government service delivery.

Abdul-Malik Suleiman, the Acting Managing Director/CEO of Galaxy Backbone, emphasized the government’s commitment to digital transformation. He highlighted the platform’s role in empowering civil service professionals to drive technology in the 21st century, fostering learning, and creating a transformative public service for a prosperous Nigeria.

In attendance were the Permanent Secretary, heads of agencies, and technologists from various MDAs.

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