Pioneering Sustainable Construction Logistics: Lafarge Africa Launches First Green Depot in Nigeria

Lafarge Africa Plc has taken a monumental step in revolutionizing sustainable practices in Nigeria’s construction industry with the launch of its first-ever Green Depot in Abeokuta, Ogun State. This state-of-the-art facility sets new benchmarks for eco-friendly operations and energy efficiency in materials distribution and logistics.

At the core of the Lafarge Green Depot’s innovative design is its reliance on solar power for 100% of its lighting, air conditioning, and electric forklift charging needs. By tapping into renewable solar energy, the depot will achieve substantial cost savings and drastically reduce its carbon footprint.

In a testament to its commitment to sustainable mechanized loading, Lafarge Africa has deployed cutting-edge electric forklifts to replace traditional diesel-powered forklifts. This 3-ton electric forklift will significantly contribute to Lafarge’s ambitious carbon reduction goals.

Lafarge’s Green Depot also utilizes green mobility solutions for cement distribution. Cement is efficiently delivered to the depot via electric trucks from the Ewekoro plant, emphasizing the sustainability of Lafarge’s supply chain.

At the Green Depot’s launch, Lafarge Africa’s CEO Lolu Alade-Akinyemi highlighted the company’s firm belief in transformative sustainable practices. He stated that by integrating solar energy, electric forklifts and green transport, Lafarge is pioneering a new standard for eco-friendly cement distribution.

Echoing this, Lafarge’s Logistics Director Osazemen Aghatise said the Green Depot represents a leap towards efficient, sustainable logistics. Lafarge is connecting operational excellence with environmental responsibility through the depot.

The launch of this revolutionary Green Depot reflects Lafarge Africa’s leadership in pioneering innovative, sustainable construction solutions. By minimizing environmental impacts throughout the construction lifecycle, Lafarge consistently seeks out cutting-edge green solutions that harmonize business success and eco-responsibility.

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