Unleashing Innovation: Nigeria Federal Government’s Build-A-Thon Initiative

Introduction: Empowering the Future Through Education

The Federal Government has taken a giant stride in fostering digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria with the launch of the Build-A-Thon initiative. This groundbreaking project, spearheaded by the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, aims to revolutionize education by introducing students to the exciting world of digital technologies, coding, and innovation.

Opportunities for Visionary Educators

In a recent announcement, the Federal Government has declared the commencement of applications for teaching positions within the Build-A-Thon initiative. This presents a golden opportunity for educators who are visionaries in the field of technology, experienced mentors, and passionate individuals ready to guide the next generation of tech innovators.

Strategic Locations for Impactful Teaching

The initiative strategically places teaching positions in the capital cities of three carefully chosen states – Maiduguri in the North, Owerri in the East, and Abeokuta in the West. This geographical spread ensures a comprehensive reach, covering diverse regions of the country.

Application Process and Website

Interested and qualified candidates can submit their applications through the official website designated for the Build-A-Thon program. The Ministry encourages potential teachers to embrace this opportunity to contribute to the nation’s technological advancement.

Collaboration with Raspberry Pi Foundation

A Powerful Partnership

The Build-A-Thon is not a solo endeavor; it is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This UK-based NGO specializes in computing and digital technologies, making it an ideal partner to bring this initiative to life.

Shaping the Future of Innovation

Minister’s Vision

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Bosun Tijani, the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, expressed the strategic significance of the Build-A-Thon initiative. He highlighted the goal of promoting early technology adoption to nurture the innovation leaders of tomorrow.

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“The Build-A-Thon initiative is part of our strategic plan to promote early-technology adoption to shape tomorrow’s innovation leaders. Our journey towards positioning Nigeria as the go-to-market for technical knowledge cannot be achieved without creating a knowledge pipeline that is represented by these young, impressionable minds.”

Global Impact and Future Goals

By aligning with a global network of free coding clubs supported by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the Federal Government aims to rapidly grow Nigeria’s digital economy. The overarching objectives include showcasing innovative projects, recognizing achievements, fostering future collaboration, inspiring future leaders, and promoting lifelong learning.

As the Build-A-Thon initiative unfolds, it marks a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s educational landscape. This collaborative effort, with its emphasis on digital literacy, innovation, and mentorship, is set to empower the youth, creating a generation of tech-savvy individuals ready to lead Nigeria into a future of digital excellence.


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